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Current Account_Business

The Current Account is a Sight Account in which the customer can freely transact at any time. This account provides in a convenient, safe and transparent manner the management of your finances.
This account can be opened in different currencies LEK, USD, EURO, GBP, CHF, and YJP and for different category of customers such as:

  • International institutions and organizations (copy of passport or ID card)
  • Embassies
  • International businesses with a presence in Albania (e.g. airlines, shipping companies, hotels)
  • Locally-incorporated corporate (state, joint-venture operations and private institutions)
  • Funds (e.g. institutional, investment)
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)

Documents required for opening an non-individual account are:

  • Identification document of the administrator/s (copy of the national passport or ID Card),
  • Copy of the Statute  and of the Act of incorporation
  • Copy of the registration of the company to the National Centre of Registration, NCR
  • Copy of the Tax Identification Number of the company (NIPT)
  • Copy of current license issued by the tax authorities, if required by law

The Sight Account can have more than one account holder, namely, the legal representative of the entity and/or person entitled to perform banking transactions in the name and on behalf of the entity, as stipulated in the Statute or Act of Incorporation of the entity.  

The right of the account holders are specified in the application form that is signed by the present parties at the moment of the account opening.

Through this account can perform:

Cash transactions

  • Deposit
  • Withdrawals

Non Cash transactions

  • internal transfers,
  • external transfers,
  • check deposits,
  • travelers check deposits

Additional Information:

With a current account you may use the following services:

  • Standing Orders - a permanent order for regularly repeated transfer of fixed amount on fixed date to a certain account of the bank;
  • Internet Banking, gives you the possibility to access your accounts 24 hours a day;
  • POS transactions by using your BusinessCard MasterCard;
  • ATM transactions by using your BusinessCard MasterCard;
  • Currency exchange transactions
  • Time deposits
  • Check Books
  • A detailed Statement of your transactions available upon request delivered to your business periodically or kept in our bank for you to pick it up.

Note: There is no minimum balance required for opening of a current account.
Deposit of Paid-in Capital for a company prior to its establishment (in LEK)
A company prior to its establishment can make the deposit of paid-in capital, requested by the National Registration Center for the registration purposes. The bank opens the given type of account for a newly emerging company, until the company is established.






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