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Loans for Small Enterprises

SB loans are offered to small enterprises and can be used to finance working capital needs and investments. These loans are offered in Lek and Euro.

To finance your operations, you may choose from the following forms of the loan:


  • Overdraft Loan – an authorized overdraft on your business current account. You cover your expenses from your current account and if your own funds are insufficient, the overdraft facility is automatically drawn. The maximum overdraft maturity is 12 months with renewable opportunities.


  • Short Term Loan - repayable with installements based on the business cycle offering flexibility in payments. These loan can be used to finance working capital needs and investment with short and middle term return. Maturity till 4 years.


  • Loan for Investments - finance the investments with long term return possibilities. Its maximum maturity term is 15 years. The payment can be done with installments according to the business cycle. A grace period can be offered till the investment implementation time.


  • Bank Guarantee - these are document line loans, which ensure the financing of the imports, exports and other commercial activities in short terms. The Bank guarantee has as well the renovating option on its maturity time.



Terms and conditions

  • The Borrower can be a legal entity or an individual conducting business activities for at least 12 months, with turnover till Euro 1,000,000 per annum.


  • The Borrower must meet Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania´s requirements regarding credit worthiness.


  • The Borrower must prove the source of repayment – evidence of capacity to meet obligations arising from the loan, repay the loan including interests and fees within requested maturity and under the terms and conditions agreed in advance.



  • Loans till 10,000 Euro can be offered without any collateral


  • Loans till 30,000 Euro can be offered with collateral on flexible properties as transport vehicles


  • For any other sum, mortgage or cash collateral should be ensured.


Required Information from eligible companies:

  1. Legal documents of the business activity
  2. Balance sheets of the last 3 years
  3. Investment Plan documents
  4. Collateral Documents










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