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Time Deposit for Individuals

What is a Time Deposit? Time Deposit is an investment according to different terms offered by the Bank and with interest rates published and changed time after time by the Bank.
What terms does the bank offer for Time Deposits?

The terms offered for Time Deposits are mainly: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years (as per the specifications of the interest rates table). In special cases terms, different from above, could be accepted, but this would be subject to individual agreements with the customer.
What is the currency of a Time Deposit?

- LEK Lek

- EUR Euro

- USD American Dollar

- GBP British Pound 
What are the interest rates offered for Time Deposits?

The bank offers competitive interest rates. They are amended time after time and posted at every branch of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania.
How are interest calculated?

The Bank pays interest for as long as the Deposit is in the Bank according to the term defined by the customer.
The interest rates published by Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania appear on annual basis and are calculated based on the days of the period chosen by the customer starting from the starting date to the deposit maturity date. The Interest rate for the period chosen by the customer remains the same even if the rates in the Interest rates table (home page, bottom right) change.
Can I open a Time Deposit in my name and in the name of one of my family members? If “yes”, what are our rights for this account?

Yes. Time Deposit may have one or several holders who should be present at the opening of the deposit. Their rights concerning the deposit are defined by the holders of the deposit and specified in the application form signed at the moment of its opening.
Can I have a debit card if I have a Time Deposit?

If you have only a Time Deposit, you cannot be supplied with a debit card. This would be possible only if you open a current account in addition to the Time Deposit.
Can I effect payments through Time Deposit?
Time Deposit is a form of saving and as such it cannot be used for payments. If you wish to effect payments we suggest you to open a current account in addition to Time Deposit.
If I have a Time Deposit can I deposit at any time?

You may deposit funds at any time, but they will be added to your existing Deposit only on its maturity date. If you wish to deposit at any moment without limitation we suggest to you the Savings Account.
Do I pay commission for opening a Time Deposit?
Opening of a Time Deposit may be done at any moment at no commission.
How can I be informed on the Deposit balance?
You may be supplied with a printing of your total balance at the bank, and you will be provided with a contract for every new deposit account. The Bank also offers the possibility for inquiring your account balance through Internet via Internet Banking.
What are the documents required for opening a Time Deposit?

No more than an identification document such as valid passport, ID, or a certificate with a photo (issued during the last three months).
What should I do in order to open a Time Deposit?

All you need is come to any of our branches and the customer service personnel will offer you a quick and qualified service.
Are deposits secure in your Bank?

All the citizens’ deposits are secure based on the Law no. 53/2014. “On Deposits Insurance”, dated 22.05.2014;


 The deposit in the Bank is insured by Deposit Insurance Agency up to the amount of 2,500,000 ALL 


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