4% Deposit in LEK

Enjoy a calm future with high and fixed interest rates for 5 years.


High and fix interest rate

A very advantageous interest rate of 4% for 5 years.

Annual liquidation of interests

Every year, more money in your account to fulfill your needs.

Switch of deposit

Possibility to switch your deposit from EUR to LEK, gaining benefits

title pricing


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4 %
    • Tenor in years 5
    • Interest Rate 4 %
    • Increase of the deposit amount 0 Lek
    • Account maintenance fee 0 Lek
Did you know

Did you know?

If you have a deposit in Euro which is not matured yet, you can switch to the new 5 years deposit in Lek without losing the interest of the existing deposit and at the same time benefiting from the best interest rate in the market.

  • Currency LEK
  • Tenor 5 years
  • Interest Rate 4%
  • Valid to Individuals

for Deposits

* Deposit Interest is applied annually; number of days / 365
All deposits of citizens in our Bank are insured according to the Law "On Deposit Insurance” dated 22.05.2014, Law no. 53/2014. Deposit at the Bank is secured up to 2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand) LEK by the Deposit Insurance Agency www.asd.gov.al
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