Saving Account

Enjoy the advantages of a deposit and a current account in a single account.


Available Liquidity

Available liquidity to be used at your convenience

Transact anytime

Free to transact anytime

ZERO Maintenance Fees

There is no mantainance fees
saving account

Did you know?

You can make transactions in at any time just like with a current account and at the same time earn intereses just like with a deposit.

You can save together with someone else by having two account holders

Frequently Asked Questions

for Deposits

* Deposit Interest is applied annually; number of days / 365
All deposits of citizens in our Bank are insured according to the Law "On Deposit Insurance” dated 22.05.2014, Law no. 53/2014. Deposit at the Bank is secured up to 2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand) LEK by the Deposit Insurance Agency
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