Letter of Credit & Bank Guarantee

We support your business on your international trade and not only!


Pay a fee

Pay a fee to issue the Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee

Full financing

Full financing of the amount of the Letter of Credit and Bank Guarante

Eliminate a lack of performance

Eliminate a lack of performance or inadequate performance

Better Manage

Manage your finances and risk

Eliminating financial risk

Customer business support in: Eliminating financial risk


For collateral you can use a real estate or cash

terms of trade

We only pay the amount in case of fulfilling the terms of trade
How to apply?

How to apply?

  • The client must submit the signed contract between the parties in respect of the Letter of Credit, or, depending on the required Guarantee, a document for the requested security facility must be filed.
  • The Applicant completes the application form, guarantee text, the application and the draft Letter of Credit.
  • It will also provide the relevant collateral.

Lëshim i Garancisë / Letër Kredisë duke e dërguar atë në bankën e përfituesit!

Pas përfundimit të procedurave të brendshme, ne lëshojmë Garancinë / Letër Kredisë duke e dërguar atë në bankën e përfituesit.

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