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Overdraft with Cash Collateral


In case you have existing funds with the bank but are in a different currency than your needs and the actual exchange rate is not favorable; or your funds are invested and do not want to break their maturity, then the Overdraft with cash collateral is the right choice for you.


Target clientele for this product are all individual customers who have their own funds invested in a time deposit, current account, saving account, or treasury bill and who face an unexpected need for liquidity.


  • Issued in record time
  • No extra documentation needed
  • No interest is charged if the Overdraft line is not used


Product Terms
  • Available in EUR/LEK/USD
  • Tenor Up to 1 year (renewable in case of need)
  • Collateral coverage:

             - 110% when collateral and credit exposure are in the same currency
             - 120% when collateral and credit exposure are in different currency

  • As collateral will serve one of the following:
     -  Time Deposit
     -  Current Account
     -  Saving Account
     -  Treasury Bills
     -  Any other type of account and /or deposit product offered by Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania  

For the Interest Rates, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.






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