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The Treasury Department of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania offers several services main among which are:
Foreign exchange spot transactions
These transactions are carried out in the Albanian currency and cross currencies within a basket of major regional and international currencies (ALL, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF). Currency exchanges that are performed through customer accounts are free of charges; those performed in Cash are subject to charges.
Forward Contracts
These are offered with Albanian currency and cross currencies. After the signing of the Forward Agreement (Contact) with the customer, then the Treasury department enters into negotiations for the rate and other such terms.
Albanian Securities
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania offers purchase of Albanian Treasury Bills and Bonds on behalf of our customers in the primary market. The primary sale of the government T-bills and Bonds is carried out through auctions. The government T-bills and Bonds can be sold to customers in the secondary market as well. In both cases the bank enters into agreements with the customers with a proven track of liquidity that would like to utilize the bank’s knowledge about the market, meanwhile the customer must have an opened account with the bank for the bank to charge related commissions.
The commissions applied for transactions carried out in the primary market are as per the Terms & Conditions of the bank. Meanwhile for transactions in the secondary market, these commissions are a matter of negotiation and final agreement with the Treasury Department. There is a minimum individual offer for purchases that the bank may forward on behalf and for the account of its customer, which amounts to ALL 300.000 for T-Bills and ALL 1.000.000 for Bonds. The bank keeps a register of ownership for all Securities issued according to a Registrar license, which is issued by the Supervisory Financial Authority.






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