Loans for SME & Corporates


Financim afatshkurtër

Financim afatshkurtër

Financim i shpejtë

Financim i shpejtë

Financim i dedikuar

Financim të dedikuar për gratë sipërmarrëse


Find the perfect loan for your business

Investment Loan for SME & Corporate

We support you covering the expenses for investment capital, machine purchase, construction & property development!
  • Withdrawals adjust to the dynamics of investment
  • Eliminate the risk of bankruptcy of the debtor
  • Customer business support in: Eliminating financial risk
  • Eliminate a lack of performance or inadequate performance
  • Simple & easy way of usage

Short-term Loan

Use it for your operational activities.
  • Pay with fix monthly installment
  • Tenor is from 1 to 3 years
  • Covers your liquidity needs
  • Improve your liquidity

Overdraft for SME & Corporate

Benefit from the temporary usage of founds for working capital!
  • Procedura të shpejta miratimi
  • Mbulim të shpenzimeve kapitale, blerje makinerish, ndertim
  • Përfitoni financim të shpejtë për mbulim shpenzimesh te paparashikuara
  • Improve your liquidity
  • Lëvrim i menjëhershme - Fondet janë të gatshme sipas nevojave
  • Pay interest only for the amount and the period of using it

Letter of Credit & Bank Guarantee

Make payments easier for goods transported to domestic and international trade by a domestic or foreign seller.
  • Pay a fee to issue the Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee
  • Full financing of the amount of the Letter of Credit and Bank Guarante
  • Eliminate a lack of performance or inadequate performance
  • Manage your finances and risk
  • Customer business support in: Eliminating financial risk
  • For collateral you can use a real estate or cash
  • We only pay the amount in case of fulfilling the terms of trade

Other types of Products & Services!

Open Account & Deposit

Manage your finances in a transparent, safe & convenient way and its offered for different category business in different currencies!

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Make Payments & Transfers!

Make Payments, Transfers, Pay Taxes, Pay utility bills and create Automatic Periodic Orders directly from our network or through Internet Banking!

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Wide range of Services!

To easily manage your business daily activities use the Night Safe Box, the Salary Service, SWIFT Automatic Service & POS Terminals!

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