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Overdraft for SME & Corporate

Is been a delay from your clients paying your bills?
Apply for an Overdraft!


Procedura të shpejta miratimi

Procedura të shpejta miratimi

Mbulim të shpenzimeve

Mbulim të shpenzimeve kapitale, blerje makinerish, ndertim

Financim i shpejtë

Përfitoni financim të shpejtë për mbulim shpenzimesh te paparashikuara


Improve your liquidity

Lëvrim i menjëhershme

Lëvrim i menjëhershme - Fondet janë të gatshme sipas nevojave


Pay interest only for the amount and the period of using it

Other products

Other products

We offer you also 2 other sub Products;

  • Bills Overdraft
  • Contracts Overdraft


  • Revolving Overdraft it may be granted in LEK and EUR/USD
  • Purpose of the loan: Fast, short-term financing to ease cash flow and to deal with unexpected expenditure by: 
  • Improving client's liquidity 
  • Instant access - funds are ready to use according to client's needs 
  • Simple use and time saving 
  • Tenor:  Max 12 months 
  • Payment mode: Interest paid only on the amount and period of use

Required documents:

  • Legal Documents of Business Activity
  • Financial Statements os last 3 years
  • Collateral Documents
  • Document for Usage of Fonds
  • Account Movement of at least 12 months

The Bank reserves the right to request other documents, if necessary.


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