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Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, on its 15th year of successful operation in Albania is launching Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Awards dedicated to Albanian Businesses. On its first edition, this initiative will be focused on the segments of Small Medium Enterprises (SME) & Small Businesses (SB) to highlight their importance in the development of local economy. A special jury has been created for each category that is comprised of experts in the field that come from Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania and external collaborators.

*The awards distribution ceremeny was held on 25 May 2023.

Innovation / Technology

Innovation / Technology

Nominated companies (shortlisted) in the Innovation and Technology category:

Small Business

  1. Futur Plast Ltd
  2. Jon & AR Ltd
  3. DCA Ltd
  4. Medical Clinic Amavita 
  5. Pirro Ltd
  6. Alsi &Co Ltd

SME Business

  1. Lekli
  2. Ka Trading
  3. Capital Resources
  4. CCAL

Winner Innovation Category

Ka-Trading has more than 15 years of experience in providing products for Incontinence and Hygiene Care. It started its activity in 2007 in order to offer high quality products to the Albanian market. The activity started as a local company and thanks to the vision and dedication, they are now a company with an international market. Values are based on contemporary technology, excellent product quality and experienced and dedicated staff. The products are distributed in the markets of Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and not only. Ka-Trading considers Product Quality and Safety as a work in progress, where there is always room for improvement. The SENIOR PROTECTOR, PAD PROTECTOR and O' mild brands are designed to offer customers Quality and Comfort. More than 20 clients have trusted Ka – TRADING, The Quality of Their Name.




Nominated companies (shortlisted) in the Tourism category:

Small Business

  1. Anna Hotel Ksamil
  2. Nurellari Wine cellar
  3. Agro Gjepali Ltd
  4. Demi Hotel Saranda
  5. Edmond Obzova PF
  6. Eduart Kasaj PF

SME Business 

  1. E& F Construction shpk
  2. AD Pascucci / Villa Pascucci
  3. Altin Prenga (Mrizi I Zanave)

Winner Tourism Category

The activity of the E&F Construction company consists in the construction and operation of the Elite Bay Hotel in the Lalzi Bay area. The hotel is in operation since 2022 with a capacity of 37 rooms. The construction of the hotel is categorized as a strategic investment in the Lalzi Bay area for the development of the priority tourism sector. The hotel offers Bar-Restaurant services, event organization and swimming pool in a modern concept with rooms that directly access the exit to the pool. It is of the 4 Star category and located in an area surrounded by pine trees and close to the sea. Among the services offered are: Organization of events, Food services, Outdoor activities and additional services such as transportation.



Nominated companies (shortlisted) in the Agri-business category:

Small Business & SME Business

  1. Wine Cellar Nurellari
  2. Argent Daci PF
  3. Kelvis 2013 Ltd
  4. Agro Gjepali Ltd
  5. Blerina Troci PF
  6. Sed Borsh 
  7. Dyli Export 
  8. Tris Alb

Winner Agribusiness Category

The DACI-AL company started in 2010, as a small commercial entity with 2 employees with the main activity "Fresh meat trade".
With great persistence, they began to expand the market by also delivering fresh meat to meat shops and restaurants. Product quality and quality service have always guided DACI-AL's strategy and as a result of the continuous increase in demand for products, in 2016 they invested in building one of the most modern slaughterhouses in Albania. This investment also marks the most important moment in the company's journey, transforming it into an important factor in this industry. With the growth of the market year after year, investments have also been made in improving technology, means of transport, buildings, plants, etc. The sales structure is divided into 4 sectors: Retail market, wholesale market, public contracts and third party services.

ESG / Green / Recycling

ESG / Green / Recycling

Nominated companies (short-listed) the ESG/ Green/ Recycling:

Small Business

  1. Alsi & Co Ltd
  2. Kelvis 2013 Ltd
  3. Futur Plast Ltd
  4. Dajana Ltd
  5. Dieta Ltd
  6. Laurus Ltd
  7. Floros Ltd

SME Business

  1. INCA / AZ Group
  2. Seman Sunpower
  3. Euroelektra
  4. Ad Pascucci
  5. CCALB

Winner ESG Category

"Tasting Pascucci coffee is not only Pleasure, it is Passion". The company "Ad Pascucci Caffe" Sh.p.k. was founded in 2008 with the main goal of introducing one of the most popular and prestigious Italian products, Pascucci coffee, to the Albanian market. The company based in Durrës currently owns the exclusive trading rights in the Albanian territory and the Balkans for the products of the Italian brand Pascucci. It is an integral part of the history of the company "Caffe Pascucci Torrefazione" S.p.a. whose beginnings date back to 1883 when Antonio Pascucci, a descendant of weavers, decided to trade in food products, one of which was unroasted coffee imported from England. In 2006 Alberto Pascucci was awarded an award by the Chamber of Commerce for his achievements in providing excellent quality products. In the same year, the Pascucci brand was introduced to the Albanian market. Adrian Bardhi is fully dedicated to the project "to introduce, recognize, distribute the Pascucci brand in his country". He returns from emigration with new ideas, inspired by the experience of working with Alberto, with the project that is already part of the Albanian reality, the presence of the Pascucci brand.

Women in Business

Women in Business

Nominated companies (shortlisted) in the Women in Business category:

Small Business

  1. Blerina Troci PF
  2. Iceberg Communication Ltd
  3. Wine Cellar Nurellari
  4. Art Dent
  5. Demi Hotel Saranda

SME Business

  1. Teuta Durres
  2. Mon Amour
  3. Albanian Herb

Winner WIB Category

BLERINA DIET is a company founded in January 2006. The company offers nutritional and dietetic counseling based on the latest scientific recommendations, providing the right strategy and knowledge for a balanced diet and good health. The purpose of the Blerina Diet is to inspire, educate and support you to achieve a nutritional regime that meets the needs for good physical and mental health, in the long term. The first enterprise in Albania and the only one of its kind for about 10 years, today after 17 years we continue to be the leading company in the Albanian market for providing dietetic services and healthy food. They are always growing, constantly improving the quality of the services and products they offer. After so many years of dedicated work, there are 35 quality and qualified personnel who manage 5 strategic branches of the business: Dietetic Office, Kitchen, Restaurant, Distribution Service and Production Farm.

Best Financial Results

Best Financial Results

Nominated companies (shortlisted) in the Balance Sheet category:

Small Busiess

  1. AON Ltd
  2. Jon & AR Ltd
  3. DCA Ltd
  4. Lu AR Ltd
  5. Vet Hospital

SME Busiess

  1. A Bi Esse shpk
  2. Grimer shpk
  3. Rozafa shpk
  4. AZA Elektroshtepiake shpk

Winner Balance Sheet (SB)

Jon & Ar shpk founded in 2007 is a company that operates in the health sector. The activity of Jon & Ar consists of a medical clinic for all types of examination, named Klinika Diplomat, specialized in medical services such as: Cardiological visits; Advanced imaging of 2020; lung scanner, whole body scanner; all radiological examinations; biochemical, bacteriological analysis; Covid-19 analysis. Over the years, the company has devoted a special focus to investing in state-of-the-art technology equipment for the imaging and laboratory areas. The main doctor is the cardiologist Prof.Dr. Artan Goda. He is one of the best cardiologists in Albania, with a long experience of 35 years and a very good reputation in the community.

Winner Balance Sheet (SME)

Grimer is one of the main manufacturers of gabions, fences and profiles for the dry system in Albania and the Balkan region. The products produced by GRIMER are in accordance with European standards and quality management has been approved by well-known international institutions. Grimer shpk has about 10,000 m2 of processing facilities. The production technology is modern and according to all the rules of the European Community. The production line of profiles for the construction of the dry system at the Grimer factory is equipped with the newest production lines in Europe, which integrate all the technological developments of machines, electronic automation and robotic systems. During their experience in the market, they realized that successful and long-term cooperation with customers is based on quality. Grimer is a certified company with Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2015 standards; – Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to EN ISO 45001:2018 standards; – Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2015 standards; – Application of an integrated management system in accordance with PAS 99:2012.


First Edition

  • Improvement of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Recognition of the best business models
  • Further development of the enterprises
  • Jury with experts of the field for each category
  • 60 participating companies
  • Visibility in the national level for companies
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