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Deposit money in our Business Cash Machines!

Now, you can deposit money though Business Cash Machines using a deposit card issued by Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania.

Business Cash Deposit Machine Network

This service will be offered FREE OF CHARGE in the following Branches: 

  • Ismail Qemali Tiranë, from 8:30 until 18:00
  • Durrës Piazza, from 8:30 until 15:30.
  • Elbasan, from 8:30 until 15:30.
  • Fier, from 8:30 until 15:30.
  • Rr. Barrikadave, from 8:30 until 15:30.
  • Durrës Stacioni i Trenit, from 8:30 until 15:30.
  • Shkodër, from 8:30 until 15:30.
  • Laprakë Tiranë, from 8:30 until 15:30.
  • TEG Tiranë, from 8:30 until 16:30.
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Save Time!

Are you tired of waiting in long queues in the branch?

Avoid long lines by depositing money in real time directly in your business account.

Focusing on service improvement, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania intorduces the newest service, which allows you to deposit in "Business Cash Machines".


Follow the Steps
Deposit in the Business Cash Machines by following these simple steps:
Deposit Card
Insert the Deposit Card that you have received from the Bank.
Choose the language of the action and enter the PIN.
Select the "Deposit" option and enter the banknotes horizontally.
Confirm the amount counted by the Business Cash Machine and your money will be successfully added in your business account.
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Banknote denominations accepted at Business Cash Machines are:


                LEK                EUR
                 200                     5
                 500                   10
              1,000                   20
              2,000                   50
              5,000                 100

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You can perform daily deposit operations, in LEK or EUR, within the daily limits:
  • LEK 1,200,000
  • EUR 10,000
Further Information:
  • You will be able to deposit the money into the main checking account associated with your deposit card.
  • Banknotes should be placed in a horizontal position, together and without specific order.
  • The maximum daily amount allowed for deposit in these machines is 1.2 million Lek or the equivalent of 10 thousand Euro.Make sure you deposit banknotes in good condition and undamaged.
  • Business Cash Machines do not accept coins or other banknotes such as USD, GBP etc.
  • Each counterfeit banknote will be held by the Business Cash Machine and the corresponding message will be displayed on the screen.
  • Banknotes suspected of being counterfeit will be kept by the Business Cash Machines for further investigation.
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