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Investment Loan for Small Business

We support you covering the expenses for investment capital, machine purchase, construction & property development!


Save time

Simple usage & time saving


Disbursements adjusted to the dynamics of investment

Fund capital expenditure

Fund capital expenditure, acquisitions, property’s’ development

Available to be used

Funds are available to be used according client needs

Terms of the Loan

Terms of the Loan

  • Amount up to 500,000 EUR
  • Maturity up to 15 years
  • Currency Lek & EUR
  • The interest rate is floating and correlated with the type of collateral
  • Flexible Loan repayment Schedule depending on the Investment Plan
  • Collateral: Immovable Property, Land (including agricultural land)

Characteristics of Business Investment Loan

  • Apply for a long-term financing used for investment projects, which could not be carried out only with capital usage. The loan can be used for business growth or to start another business project. 
  • The purpose of the loan - the bank grants the loan for a particular purpose related to the financing of the investment, the procurement of any substantial asset by the entrepreneur for the development of his business activity.
  • The Bank does not grant credit to businesses that endanger public order, moral principles and the environment.
  • The loan, including interest and commissions, should be adequately covered by collateral
  • Collateral required by the bank:
    • Real estate
    • Blocked deposit at the bank
  • Additional conditions may be required depending on the nature of the action, knowledge and validity of the creditor's granting of the loan (e.g. notarial act as an asset risk guarantee).
 Required Document

Required Document

  • Legal documents for the activity
  • Last three years Financial Statements
  • Investment Plan documents
  • Collateral documents
  • Account Statements  for last 12 months ,from banks where the client has loans exposure 
  • Preliminary consent for the research in Albanian Credit Register of bank of Albania. 
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