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Tax Payments

Fast and efficient, available through internet banking.
Discover more about the possibility to make tax payments at the bank in favor of General Tax Office Treasury Account.


Fast & Efficient

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Even for non-clients

Cash payment option for non-clients


Available through Internet Banking

Wide network

Wide network distribution of the Bank’s Branches

Payment of taxes in favour of General Tax Office

In accordance with Ministry of Finance agreement,  you can make tax payments at the bank in favour of General Tax Office Treasury Account.
The bank accept only payments with FDP/FTD Formuar attached.
you can make payments for:

  • VAT
  • Income Tax
  • Social Insurance Contributions
  • Health Insurance Contributions
  • Other taxes (tax on rent, axcise, withholding tax, etc.)
Pay as you want

Pay as you want

These trasactions can be affected in several ways, as per your convenience or choise:

  • Payments executed in the bank counters 
  • Payments executed through Internal Transfers 
  • Payments performed through Online Banking

Transfer request for the Tax Office should be filled up properly, indicating correctly:

  • The name of the Tax
  • Serial number (NIPT), the tax code
  • Period of payment (month & year)
Online Banking

Online Banking

Everyday banking with us is easier, safer and faster than ever!
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