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Payments & Transfers

Enjoy all benefits offered by Intesa Sanpaolo Bank from different category business.


Wide range

Wide range of Correspondent Banks


Connected with SWIFT Service

Internet Banking

Make your payments from Internet Banking

Wide network

Wide network distribution of the Bank’s Branches


  • Offered from different category business
  • Linked with a debit or credit card
  • Used as a takedown account for a time deposit.
  • Operated on-line by using the Internet banking facility
  • Used as a takedown account for debit interests of a loan;
  • Linked to a POS service (serving as a POS payments settlement account)
  • Used to pay salaries of employees (payroll accounts) as per agreements between the bank and the employer 
  • Linked to a Direct Debit Agreement for paying utility bills
  • Used to deposit checks (including checks of other banks)
  • Used to execute internal transfers, receive incoming payments and to perform outgoing transfers
Required Documents

Required Documents


1. Registration Certificate issued by NRC 

2. Provide NUIS – Tax Identification Number 

3. Provide copy of the decision-making body for Legal representative

Incoming Payments can be:

  • Payments received from local banks in LEK or Foreign Currency
  • Remittances received from banks abroad
Transferta jashtë vendit konsiderohen:

Outgoing transfer is considered:

  • Transferring of funds to local banks (in LEK or Foreign Currency)
  • Transferring of funds abroad
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