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Car Loan

Discover our loan up to 6.000.000 Lek for your next car. Let your dream drive you.


For used car

Up to 2.800.000 Lek or 20.000 EUR for used car

For new car

Up to 6.000.000 Lek or 40.000 EUR for new car

The Concessionaries or Car dealer

Cars purchased from the Concessionaries or Car dealer

Personalise your loan

Choose the amount that you need, the tenor and all the other details to achieve the most suitable conditions for you.
*The loan calculator is used to calculate the approximate monthly installment only based on the inserted data and you can change the inputs to match your finance needs. The information on the calculator below may not be totally updated. For more information contact our nearest branch to you.

Car condition

Borrow amount


6 months 60 months

Borrow amount


6 months 36 months

The interest rate is fixed for this loan

  • Monthly installment - first period
    - Lek
    • Monthly installment - remaining period - Lek
    • Loan amount - Lek
    • Amount to repay - Lek
    • Tenor - months
    • Fixed interest rate - %
    • - %
    • Fixed interest rate - first period - %
    • Fixed interest rate - remaining period - %
    • Variable interest rate - remaining period - %
    • Variable interest rate - %

    The variable interest rate is indicative and may vary according to the reference in the respective date of the relevant index.

Product Term


We can finance up to 75% of car's value for a new car and up to 65% of car's value for an old car.

The car remains as a garantee until the full repayment of the loan

Car Loan
Car Loan
  • You can use it to buy New or used cars
  • Currency Lek & Euro
  • Clients To all those clients that have good incomes
  • Bank Participation 75% of value for new cars & 65% for used cars
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