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Updates of your Digital platform!

Your Mobile and Internet Banking just got better! Discover now all the main new features released on last update.

Look at the most innovative and new services

Debit card

Apply for your debit card, by using your Digital platforms

Fast loan

Contract your Fast loan easily and directly online


Your digital signature to sign your online contracts.

Remote Offer

Approve your tailor-made proposal without even going in the branch

The best way to pay your bills!

Managing your bills has never been so… Easy! We've partnered with the most inclusive digital payment platform EasyPay, to give you an always better payments experience!

Connect inside your digital platforms and check by yourself all the advantages, we are now listing below: 

  • in a click or a tap of your menu, access to the whole list of your providers and pay your bills just in a light-speed; 
  • once choose a provider, you can pay one or more bills coming from it; 
  • if you haven’t done yet, register your provider following few and simple steps; 
  • in case of a new bill, you can registered it directly inside your Mobile or Internet Banking platform, just by inserting your identification data: then your bills will be always available under «Contract bills» page.

Everything is now available in your platforms so... It’s your turn, let’s try it!


We have brought for you some exciting new features like: Online application for fast loan, your debit card and remote offers. In order to take full advantage of your upgraded Digital Banking platform, firstly you need to activate your digital signature #withSIGN. #withSIGN is your digital signature online. Thanks to it you can sign your contracts online without the need to print and bring to the branch any documents.

Activate this service from "settings", because it is mandatory for all the features presented below: Debit Card Sales, Fast Loan process and Remote offer.

Tailor-made proposals are waiting only for you!
Tailor-made proposals are waiting only for you!
Discover new products or services without the need to go in the branch but by receiving offers directly in your digital platform.
Check out all the details of the proposal made for you, choose the perfect one and contract it online, using your digital signature
Don't worry about the documents needed. Your Relationship Manager will request you remotely all the documents to be uploaded online
Chat with your Relationship Manager to receive additional information regarding the proposals he offered to you.
Fast Loan directly online!
From now on, all the eligible customers will have the possibility to contract their loan without the need to go in the branch! In addition, the process can be started inside the Internet Banking and then finalized from the Mobile app. Follow all the steps to contract your Fast Loan with a fully digital process:
Loan configuration
Eligible customer will visualize the features and configure his loan.
Analysis and approval
System will make a proposal and perform the documentation analysis.
Contracting step
System approved the proposal and customer signs digitally the contract
Loan disbursement
The same day or some days after, the Bank will disburse the loan.

Apply online for your debit card!

If you are a customer without Digital Banking, or if you aren't a customer yet, contact us and join our bank! Debit card online process is a step by step procedure. Follow all the phases:

- Selection and configuration: customer will choose the card which better fits his needs and insert all the details and information needed.

- Debit card contracting and delivery: once finalized the configuration step, customer will sign the contract online and choose the favorite branch for delivery.



If you haven't done yet, contact us to become our customer, activate your Internet and Mobile Banking in a few simple steps and download our Mobile App, from your favorite available store:

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