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Students Loan

Focus on your studies, let us think about the rest. We support you to live at the best your student years!


No collateral

No need for a collateral or guarantee

Fast approval

Fast application procedure and approval

Up to 7 years

Payback time up to 7 years

Personalise your loan

Choose the amount that you need, the tenor and all the other details to achieve the most suitable conditions for you.
*The loan calculator is used to calculate the approximate monthly installment only based on the inserted data and you can change the inputs to match your finance needs. The information on the calculator below may not be totally updated. For more information contact our nearest branch to you.

Borrow amount


12 months 84 months

The interest rate is fixed for this loan

  • Monthly installment - first period
    - Lek
    • Monthly installment - remaining period - Lek
    • Loan amount - Lek
    • Amount to repay - Lek
    • Tenor - months
    • Fixed interest rate - %
    • - %
    • Fixed interest rate - first period - %
    • Fixed interest rate - remaining period - %
    • Variable interest rate - remaining period - %
    • Variable interest rate - %

    The variable interest rate is indicative and may vary according to the reference in the respective date of the relevant index.

  • / *

Characteristics of the "EDU KREDI" - Student Loan

  • Minimal amount EUR 500 / LEK 100,000 /
  • Maximal Amount EUR 5,000 / LEK 750,000 /
  • Tenor up to 84 Months or 7 Years 
Product Terms

Did you know?

During your studying period (3+2 years) you will pay only the small amounts of interests.

You will start to pay your loan, only after you finished your studies.

Bank participation is 100% of the cost of studies.

When you apply for Student Loan, you also get Student Package

Student Packages

Student Packages

Focus on your studies and enjoy our "All-in-one" package!
Just for you!

Student Account Guarantee that applies in Germany or Italy

The applicants for Student’s Visa to Germany or Italy should have deposited at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, available funds at the moment of application for visa.

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, ensures the German or the Italian Embassy not only for the availibility of requested  funds by the Student, but also for their utilization as per predefined form by the Embassy, for the first year of studies.

In case of student visa refusal:

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank will unblock the funds and making them available to the student, based on the documentation presented by the student for refusing the application, as well as the confirmation by the Embassy for the application’s refusal.

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