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Discover all services you need: transfer, payments & safety services.
Everything is possible and fast with Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania.

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SMS & Email notification

Be informed instantly by SMS or email on your banking transactions!
  • The service of E-mail notification is offered for free.
  • Notification on the due installment date thre days in advance
  • Notification on debits and credits in the account
Njoftime me SMS


Send & receive money all over the world, in a fast & safe way!
  • Fast transfer of funds all over the world in LEK, EURO, USD, GDP, CHF
  • Favorable commissions
  • We offer you safety of your confidentiality

My bill

We offer you the ability to pay all the following types of bills at your nearest branch
  • Pay the bills of OST, UK, Albtelecom, Vodafone, Telekom & Abcom
  • The payments through direct Debit is offered for free for our clients
  • Skip the long lines & save time
  • Pay with transfers, DDA, Online Banking or in our tellers desks
Pagesat Utilitare

Dynamic Currency Conversion

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance customer’s banking experience, our Bank offers the Currency Conversion service across the ATM Network.

Express to Family

A quick and cheap service to send money to family members in Albania from any branch of Intesa Sanpaolo in Italy!
  • Money is received within the day from Italy to Albania.
  • The sender pays a commission of only 2,5 EUR
  • If the beneficiary is a ISBA customer, transfer is FREE of charge.
  • If not a customer, from 10-20 EUR depending on the sum, max. 5000 EUR
Express to family

RIA Transfers

Quick transfers with RIA from abroad to Albania.
  • Incoming Money Transfers from other countries to Albania
  • Direct money withdrawals in all tellers desks, without being a client
  • Transfers’ Fees are paid by the sender.
Transferta me RIA

Direct Debit Agreement

Make transfers periodically & automatically in another account!
  • The payments are made on due date without your physical presence
  • Avoid cash and chaque payments
  • Fill in the form defining the sum, periodicity, account & description.
Urdhër Pagese Periodike

Safe Box

Store your valuable items in full safety!
  • The ideal place to store valuable items in boxes of different measures
  • Offering Privacy and Safety
  • Rent it for a one year period with automatic renewal possibility
Kasetë sigurie
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