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Discover all services you need: transfer, payments & safety services.
Everything is possible and fast with Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania.

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SMS & Email notification

Be informed instantly by SMS or email on your banking transactions!
  • The service of E-mail notification is offered for free.
  • Notification on the due installment date thre days in advance
  • Notification on debits and credits in the account
Njoftime me SMS


Send & receive money all over the world, in a fast & safe way!
  • Fast transfer of funds all over the world in LEK, EURO, USD, GDP, CHF
  • Favorable commissions
  • We offer you safety of your confidentiality

My bill

We offer you the ability to pay all the following types of bills at your nearest branch
  • Pay the bills of OST, UK, Albtelecom, Vodafone, Telekom & Abcom
  • The payments through direct Debit is offered for free for our clients
  • Skip the long lines & save time
  • Pay with transfers, DDA, Online Banking or in our tellers desks
Pagesat Utilitare

Express to Family

A quick and cheap service to send money to family members in Albania from any branch of Intesa Sanpaolo in Italy!
  • Money is received within the day from Italy to Albania.
  • The sender pays a commission of only 2,5 EUR
  • If the beneficiary is a ISBA customer, transfer is FREE of charge.
  • If not a customer, from 10-20 EUR depending on the sum, max. 5000 EUR
Express to family

RIA Transfers

Quick transfers with RIA from abroad to Albania.
  • Incoming Money Transfers from other countries to Albania
  • Direct money withdrawals in all tellers desks, without being a client
  • Transfers’ Fees are paid by the sender.
Transferta me RIA

Direct Debit Agreement

Make transfers periodically & automatically in another account!
  • The payments are made on due date without your physical presence
  • Avoid cash and chaque payments
  • Fill in the form defining the sum, periodicity, account & description.
Urdhër Pagese Periodike

Safe Box

Store your valuable items in full safety!
  • The ideal place to store valuable items in boxes of different measures
  • Offering Privacy and Safety
  • Rent it for a one year period with automatic renewal possibility
Kasetë sigurie
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