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All Purpose Mortgage Loan

Are you planing your next investment?
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Favorable interest rates

Most favorable interest rates in the market

Fast response

Fast response

Very transparent offer

Very transparent offer in Lek & Euro

Personalise your loan

Choose the amount that you need, the tenor and all the other details to achieve the most suitable conditions for you.
*The loan calculator is used to calculate the approximate monthly installment only based on the inserted data and you can change the inputs to match your finance needs. The information on the calculator below may not be totally updated. For more information contact our nearest branch to you.

Borrow amount


12 months 240 months

Interest rate type

  • Monthly installment - first period
    - Lek
    • Monthly installment - remaining period - Lek
    • Loan amount - Lek
    • Amount to repay - Lek
    • Tenor - months
    • Fixed interest rate - %
    • - %
    • Fixed interest rate - first period - %
    • Fixed interest rate - remaining period - %
    • Variable interest rate - remaining period - %
    • Variable interest rate - %

    The variable interest rate is indicative and may vary according to the reference in the respective date of the relevant index.

all purpose

Did you know?

100% of the mortgage amount is credited into your account and you can use it in cash!

Cover the expenses for your child's studies, medical needs, home renovation and refurniture, or any other investment.

Additional payments regarding this mortgage

  • The notarization of the contracts
  • Life insurance (renewable each year for the outstanding loan amount)
  • Property insurance (for the entire loan period)
  • The evaluation of property by a licensed expert.
  • Maintenance of the current account (as per T&C in force)
  • Expenses in the Registration Office of Immovable Properties
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