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Insure your Loan

With the insurance products offered in Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania.



Financial protection during the loan repayment period.

Varied offer

Different types of coverage for various risks.


Loan coverage for the entire tenure.


In collaboration with the international company SIGAL GROUP AUSTRIA.

Property Insurance for purpose of Mortgage Loan

You are insured in case of loss or damage of property due to: 

  • Fire, Lightning, Explosion;
  • Earthquakes;
  • Crash or crash of an aircraft, its parts or cargo.

You can add one of the additional risks to this package:

  • Floods;
  • Insurance of windows;
  • Theft insurance.

You can choose to be insured for the:

  • Market value of the property;
  • Replacement Value;
  • Loan Value.
property insurance, intesa sanpaolo bank albania
  • Protection For unforeseen events
  • Additional risks coverage Floods, theft etc
  • Flexibility Up to the market value of collateral
  • Duration Tailored to your mortgage

Credit Protection Insurance

This insurance package protects you and helps you repay the loan installments if, during the repayment period, you may suffer:

  • Accident which results in temporary or permanent incapacity to work
  • Involuntary unemployment
In case of Permanent Disability

In case of Permanent Disability

This insurance pays the full debt or the outstanding amount of the loan.

In case of Temporary Disability

In case of Temporary Disability

This insurance pays you up to 6 installments. The package frees your family from the obligation to repay the loan.

In case of Involuntary Unemployment

In case of Involuntary Unemployment

The insurance pays you up to 6 installments for the entire loan period. Max 30,000 ALL/month up to 6 months (max 180,000 ALL or equivalent value in another currency)

When is the package activated?

At the moment you apply for consumer loans or mortgage loans you benfit from one of the insurance packages.

Activation Steps
First Step
Apply for consumer loans and mortgage loans.
Second Step
Ask for one of the Insurance Products.
Third Step
Insurance Coverage is effective immediately on the loan start date.
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