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VISA Inspire for purchase in POS and Internet

Withdraw cash without any commission in all Intesa Sanpaolo Group ATMs all over the World. Buy online without any commission in Albania!


Safety for your Money

High safety level due to Chip & PIN technology.

Free in ATMs out of Country

Free withdrawal without commission in Intesa Sanpaolo Group ATMs!

Purchases with Zero Commission

Purchases with Zero commissions in every POS in Albania

Pay online

Pay online inside Albania without any commission

VISA Inspire

VISA Inspire

The international payment card VISA Inspire is a debit payment card provided to a customer having a Bank account. 

The holder can make payments for goods and services or withdraw cash from ATMs and many other services.

What inspires you today?

Some people are always looking for inspiration and find it about them. For these people, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania has created Inspire, a new debit card, which will accompany you wherever your inspiration lead you.

Inspire card is with you wherever you want and you are, with reliability of one of the major international banking groups: Intesa Sanpaolo. Use your Inspire card for purchases worldwide, for safe withdrawals and free of charge in twelve banks that are part of the Group.

Visa Inspire
Visa Inspire Characteristics
  • Transactions in Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania ATM's in Albania ZERO Commision
  • Transactions in other Banks ATM in Albania 200 LEK
  • Transactions & Withdrawals in ISP Group ATMs outside Albania ZERO Commision
  • Monthly Service Fee 150 LEK

Other characteristics

  • Online Purchase inside Albania - ZERO Commision
  • Transactions & Withdrawals in other banks' ATMs outside Albania  -  2.5%  of the amount
  • POS Purchase outside Albania  -  2.5%  of the amount
  • POS Purchase in Albania in all POS of all Banks  -  ZERO Commision 
  • Replacement of Card / Issue of a new PIN  -  1000 LEK 
  • Replacement of Expired Card  -  FREE 
Usage of Visa Inspire card for online payments!

Starting from February 1, 2022, the Visa Inspire debit card can also be used for the following actions:

  1. Online shopping.
  2. Hotel Reservations.
  3. Car rental.
  4. Mail / telephone order transactions.
  • The daily limit of using the Visa Inspire card on the Internet for the above actions is 25,000 ALL and 10 actions.
  • For the above purchases (made without the physical presence of the card) outside Albania, the commission to be applied is 2.5% of the amount.
  • The above purchases have no commission for online operations within Albania.

Visa Inspire debit card offers you the opportunity to perform a large number of different actions such as:

  • Withdrawals at all ATMs of the Bank;
  • Verification of account balance;
  • Change PIN;
  • Transfer between accounts linked to the card;
  • Purchase at POS in Albania, completely free.
  • Free withdrawal at all Intesa Sanpaolo ATMs in 12 countries.

Through Digital Banking platform, you can apply entirely online to get your Visa Inspire card. On this platform you can find the most used functionality, #withCASH, which allows you to make withdrawals from Bank ATMs without the need to have the card with you, as well as with no additional commission.

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