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House mortgage

The house of your dreams can now be yours. You choose and we support you.
  • Very transparent offer in Lek & Euro
  • Up to 30 years
  • Most favorable interest rates in the market
  • Bank participation in financing is up to 70% of the property value
mortgage loan

Youth mortgage loan

ESG Product
A dedicated mortgage loan for youth people aged from 20-30 years old. Competitive interest rates and eased conditions.
  • Financing up to 100%
  • Up to 30 years for financing
  • Fixed interest rate for the entire loan duration
  • For the first year you can pay only the interest
young people

Personal Loan up to 1.4 million LEK

Are you looking for a "big" Loan with fantastic conditions to use as per your needs?
  • Very transparent offer in Lek & Euro
  • Covers your liquidity needs
  • No need for a collateral or guarantee
  • Interest starting from 4.2%
Kredi Personale

24 hours Loan

Make plans for tomorrow! Fast Personal Loan helps you to achieve your aim in 24 hours! Now you can apply entirely online!
  • Only 24 hours for processing time
  • No need for a collateral or guarantee
  • No need for a guarantors
Kredi 24 Orë

AUTO Leasing

AUTO Leasing is the ideal solution for new & used car
  • Thanks to the suppliers' independence, You get the best offers
  • Protected by the insurance policies
  • As per your payment capacity
  • No need to use your own liquidity to purchase the vehicle
  • All costs are known at the start of the Lease Agreement

Pre-approved Loan

A loan approved in advance by the bank for clients that meet risk requirements.
  • Covers your liquidity needs
  • No need for a collateral or guarantee
  • No need for a guarantors
  • Very transparent offer in Lek & Euro
Kredi e Para-Aprovuar

Soft Loan

ESG Product
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania offers Home Loans with very favorable conditions for all individuals and families who benefit from the Social Housing Program.
  • The payment period is up to 30 years
  • Up to 85% of the house value
  • Zero commission maintenance fee
familje ne nje shtepi te re, kredi e bute per shtepi

Students Loan - EDU Kredi

Focus on your studies, let us think about the reset. We support you to live your best student years.
  • No need for a collateral or guarantee
  • Fast application procedure and approval
  • Payback time up to 7 years

Insurance products

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania offers insurance packages for consumer loan and home loan products. Financial protection and security during the loan.
  • Financial protection during the loan repayment period.
  • Different types of coverage for various risks.
  • Loan coverage for the entire tenure.
  • In collaboration with the international company SIGAL GROUP AUSTRIA.
paketa te sigurimit, intesa sanpaolo bank albania

Refinancing mortgage

Transfer your current mortgage that you have with another bank and enjoy the advantages and favorable interest rates
  • Very transparent offer in Lek & Euro
  • Up to 30 years
  • Fast response
Kredi për rifinancim

Non-residential spaces mortgage

New store? Second house? New Garage? If you want to invest in real estate, than this mortgage loan is right for you!
  • Bank participation is up to 50% of the property value
  • Up to 30 years
Kredi për pasuri të paluajtshme

All purpose mortgage

Are you planing your next investment? We are your financial partner in your every step!
  • Most favorable interest rates in the market
  • Fast response
  • Very transparent offer in Lek & Euro
Kredi për cdo qëllim

Overdraft Retail

Unforeseen expense? Do you urgently need cash? We have a solution!
  • A quick way to have more cash in your account available anytime
  • Simple application process and fast approval
Paradhënie Bankare për Individë

Overdraft with Cash Collateral

Get liquidity from your accounts and deposits!
  • Your account will be credited in record time
  • No interest is applied if the funds are not used
  • There is no need for additional documents
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A special gift for you or your family? Unforeseen expense? We have a solution!
  • No need for a collateral or guarantee
  • No need for a guarantors
  • Pay interest only for the used funds
Paradhënie mbi pagën

Car Loan

Discover our loan up to 6.000.000 Lek for your next car. Let your dream drive you.
  • Up to 2.800.000 Lek or 20.000 EUR for used car
  • Up to 6.000.000 Lek or 40.000 EUR for new car
  • Cars purchased from the Concessionaries or Car dealer
Kredi për makinë


This Loan is available for all albanian citizens residents in Albania, with regular incomes, 100% declared, payments made through the banking system.
For more info related to the full terms and conditions of the loan  and the relevant documents that you should present, please visit any of our branches or call the Call Center Service.

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