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Careers at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania


Career opportunities

Are you looking for a new job? Are you a student and you would like to discover new training and development opportunities?
Why Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania?

Why Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania?

Through the years Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania sh.a. considers Employees as the pulse of the corporate who cope daily the business activities and the innovation. They are a crucial resource for the growth of the bank by displaying the common Group ethical values, providing customers with the best products and services in the market and succeeding in goals assigned in support of the company's strategic objectives in terms of social, economic and commercial value generation. The bank on its part manages the business and inspires the employees. 

The enhancement of bank employees and the establishment of the sense of belonging is the approach of HR strategies during these years in order to find ways of motivation and retention, enrichment of professional skills and competences by continuing to invest in trainings. We deem that growing and expanding knowledge and skills are additional values and goals indispensable to the achievement of our business approach.

How to join Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania

How to join Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania

Selection process
We base the selection of new associates on how their key competences best suit them for individual positions, enabling them to reach their full potential at their new workplace. Different methods are used in the process, in order to ensure that the evaluation of competences is as objective, effective and reliable as possible. Each candidate included in the selection process for a position within Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania goes up to three rounds of selection, all of which require that certain criteria be met before the candidate is advanced to the next round. These interviews include rounds selection with the Human Resources representative, and the managers of the organisational unit which employs the new employee. Depending on the position to be filled, the selection process may additionally include a foreign language test, a test concerning the command of MS Excel, cognitive abilities tests and/or an additional selection interview.

Round of selection
Upon completion of the selection process, each candidate who has been included in one of the selection rounds receives feedback. The data of the candidates involved in the selection process remains in the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania database for future positions. There is a possibility of contacting the candidate again in case of an open position which is in accordance with their professional skill set and interests.

Presentation of the employer
In order to meet potential candidates and present job opportunities and career prospects within the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, we cooperate with numerous institutions, higher education institutions, and student associations.

Therefore, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania attends career days of many universities throughout Albania, cooperates with the career office of different Universities and cooperates with different student’s association.

Benefits package

Benefits package

  • The 13th salary is part of the employment contract
  • Annual bonus based on Performance Evaluation
  • Extra Incentive Bonus for sales staff (2 times a year)
  • Savings Plan dedicated to employees with contribution from the Bank
  • Career development within the Intesa Sanpaolo group through the Talent Program
  • Food treatment with a fixed monthly quota
  • Opportunity to work from home "Smart Working"
  • International Healthcare for critical illnesses: Worldwide coverage up to 1,000,000 Euros
  • Health Insurance in Albania and Italy with a maximum limit of 20,000 euros/year
  • Professional psychological support service 24/7
  • Financial support 1 gross salary in case of family disasters
  • Extra leave days based on seniority
  • Mortgage loan, consumer loan & overdraft with preferential interest
  • Preferential commissions for banking products
  • Preferential interest for Deposits
  • Personal Laptop
How to pursue a career with us?

How to pursue a career with us?

Internal mobility
When new positions are opened or filled, we also offer the opportunity to our own employees who are looking for a different experience than their current one. By taking part in internal recruitment, our employees build on their previous knowledge and, at the same time, organizational units gain new vigor and strength within their own ranks from individuals who know how the system works, yet provide a new and different perspective.

International experience
Employees of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, member of the great Intesa Sanpaolo banking group, have the option of taking part in the international internal recruitment of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, and in that way have an opportunity to gain international experience in the mother bank, or in one of its other members. By working abroad, most often for two years, the employees gain precious expert knowledge, develop their professional competencies, and master foreign languages. The international arrangement is temporary in nature, and with its expiration, the employee is returned to their initial organizational unit within Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania. By working in an international team, tolerance for diversity, diverse cultures, customs and habits is additionally being developed, which significantly enriches not only the person but also the organization to which they belong. Upon their return to Albania, and with the sharing of such experiences, our team is becoming stronger in the spirit of tolerance, respect and understanding of clients and colleagues. The knowledge and experience gained, as well as its selfless sharing with colleagues, can be an additional factor for further advancement of the employee in our bank. Previous international experiences foster the significant interest of the ISP Group in our employees, but also further applications of our colleagues. Some employees have already returned, some are still in international teams, and some are currently planning to go.

Training & development

Training & development

We monitor, support and empower our employees on their career paths.
We provide training opportunities in specialist and managerial directions in accordance with employee's interests.
We are opening up new horizons through co-financing of further employee schooling. We believe that learning and development are an investment, not a cost. Because we know that learning is not achieved by merely listening to lectures, we design development activities using different tools, interactive channels and methods. Take advantage of the stimulating and supportive environment in which “the only constant is change”.

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

To see the current vacant job possitions of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania click here.

Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania continuously invests in technological development and quality personnel because investment in intellectual capital is the basic precondition of excellence in the quality of services and high competitiveness in the modern banking market.
If you are:

  • an excellent student attending the second, third or higher years of full-time university study programme of electrical engineering, computing, informatics, science-mathematics and related university study programmes,
  • tempted to work in the banking sector,

by sending a CV to hr@intesasanpaolobank.al you might have the opportunity:to be selected for working in a cooperative, innovative and technologically advanced environment while completing the university study programme.

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