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Different currencies

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High interest

Benefit high interest rates!


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Savings types

Find the type of savings that suits you best


#withSAVE Deposit is offered online through our Digital Banking mobile application. Start Saving even with small amounts.
  • You get your interest every month
  • 1% interest rate that is credited every month
  • You decide the amount and the transfer date of the funds
  • 0 Administration Fee for applications until June 29th, 2024

5&7 years Deposit-Progressive Interests

Up to 4% interest rate for the 5 years deposit and up to 6% for the 7 years deposit. Enjoy the growth of your investment!
  • Possibility to get the interest yearly
  • Capitalize the interest in the deposit
  • Enjoy higher return rate
Depozita 5 dhe 7 Vjet

5 year Deposit in LEK

If you are looking for a smart and safe way to invest your money, our 5 year term deposit is the ideal solution for you.
  • Benefit 3.8% for deposits in Lek and 2.5% for deposits in EUR.
  • Every year, more money in your account to fulfill your needs.
  • Possibility to deposit in LEK and in EUR

18 & 30 months Deposit

Choose the option that fits you best and take advantage of the increasing interest rates.
  • Possibility to get the interest yearly
  • Enjoy the best interest rate!
  • No penalties for premature breakdown
Depozita 18&30 mujore

1 & 2 years Deposit

Benefit from increased interest rates for the 1 & 2 years deposits in ALL.
  • This offer is available until the end of September
  • Benefit form increased interest rates up to 1.6% in ALL
  • Profit the added investments fast and easy
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Standard Time Deposit

Find the right combination of amount and tenor of the deposit to get your best interest rate
  • Interest fixed during the tenor
  • Earn best interest
  • You can break down the deposit before the maturity date
Depozita me afat

Upfront Interest Deposit

You do not have to wait until deposit maturity time to enjoy the interest. Get it now!
  • Interest payable upfront
  • Enjoy higher return rate
Interes i Parapaguar

Stafete Deposit

Choose our Stafetë Deposit, where months compete with each other offering you an increasing performance.
  • Interest payable every month
  • Interest reinvestable!
  • Enjoy higher return rate
Depozita Stafete

Saving Plan

Save automatically from your current account. Choose your amount you want to save and saving date
  • Offered without any monthly fee
  • Automatic funds transfer from your current account
  • You decide the amount and the transfer date of the funds
Plani i kursimit

Saving Account

Enjoy the advantages of a deposit and a current account in a single account.
  • Available liquidity to be used at your convenience
  • Free to transact anytime
  • 0 Administration Fee for applications until June 29th, 2024
Llogari Kursimi

10 or 15 months Deposit in USD

Create your own 10 or 15 months Deposit in USD! Enjoy High Interest!
  • Ideal option to save in USD
  • Choose your favorite maturity term, 10 or 15 months
0800 6000

Treasury Bills

Always safer with the short-term investment instruments issued by the Bank of Albania and the Ministry of Finance.
  • Sovereign Risk is 0 % in LEK
  • Prepaid Interest in the moment of investment
  • A liquid investment due to the short term tenor
Bono Thesari

Treasury Bonds

Take advantage of the long-term debt instruments issued by the Albanian Government.
  • The maturity of Treasury Bills are 2, 3, 5, 7 & 10 Years
  • Sovereign Risk is one of the advantages of the Treasury Bonds
  • Longer maturity for long-term investments or for diversification
  • Commercialized in the secondary market
  • They can be sold in every moment within their maturity
Obligacione Qeveritare

about deposits

*The deposits interest is applied in annual bases, no. of days/365. 
All the citizens’ deposits are secure based on the Law no. 53/2014. “On Deposits Insurance”, dated 22.05.2014; The deposit in the Bank is insured by Deposit Insurance Agency up to the amount of 2,500,000 ALL www.asd.gov.al
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