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Digital Banking Service


Digital Banking Service

What are some of the aspects of the Digital Banking service?


Now when a customer decides which bank to operate on, one of the factors to consider is of course the Online Service that that bank offers.

Digital banking is the possibility to use banking products and services without the need to be physically at the branches of the bank. In broader terms, it means the digitalization of banking activities which were previously performed only in branches, such as transfers, account administration, etc.

This service helps you to control your financial activity by enabling functionalities and tools to operate from the comfort of your home, office or any other environment where you are located. Digital banking service refers to all the operations that can be performed through the computer or application on smart mobile phones wherever you are, it is enough to have internet access and log in using the credentials provided by the Bank. This service is mainly offered as:

- Internet Banking: where the Client accesses a URL on the computer that has certain technical specifications using specific browsing software.

- Application: usable on smart mobile devices that can be downloaded from the relevant application stores.

- Responsive Banking: where the Client accesses a URL on a computer or mobile. In this case the content of the site adapts to the device used.


Depending on the strategy followed by the banks, this service can be provided with or without cost. * Among the elements that you should consider in terms of fees (if applicable) are:

- Periodic commission for the service

- And the Commission for the issuance or use of security elements

* These commissions are separated from other costs that apply to the activation or use of products which are offered through the online banking service, such as the cost of transfers, commissions for issuing a debit card, etc. and should be evaluated against the functionalities offered by the platform.

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