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A gift for you or for your friends?

In Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, everyone gets rewarded!

Refer your friends

For every friend referred you will get rewarded with 1.000 LEK each

New Promotional Campaign

Become part of the limited promotional campaign

Referred people receive

Current account, Visa Inspire Debit card and Digital Banking

A gift for you or for your friends?

At Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania it is made possible for everyone to get rewarded!

We are pleased to present the newest promotional campaign, through which customers of the Bank and your friends, family or colleagues will benefit more. Refer your friends to get equipped with:

  • Current Account
  • Debit card, Visa Inspire
  • Digital Banking

And you will be rewarded with 1,000 LEK/10 EUR each.

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Spread the word!

Bring your friends, family or colleagues to become a client of the Bank.

This way you will all benefit while being rewarded with 1,000 LEK / 10 EUR each. Give yourself and others a unique banking experience.

How does it function?
First Step
You will be provided with a Unique Referral Code via email/Digical.
Second Step
Share the Unique Referral Code with friends and colleagues who should show it to the Relationship Manager.
Third Step
The referred customer will be provided with a current account, Visa Inspire debit card and Digital Banking.
Forth Step
Once the referred customer is equipped with the offer products, both of you will be equipped with 1.000 LEK/10 EUR in accounts.
Visa Inspire
Visa Inspire Characteristics
  • Transactions in Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania ATM's in Albania ZERO Commision
  • Transactions in other Banks ATM in Albania 200 LEK
  • Transactions & Withdrawals in ISP Group ATMs outside Albania ZERO Commision
  • Monthly Service Fee 150 LEK
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